Saturday, October 8, 2011

My own Starbucks creation!

I have been trying to recreate a Starbucks drink in my home for some time now.  I love Starbucks but the nearest one is about 20 miles from my house, so that gets to be a drag.   Anyway......I think I have it figured out!!!  Finally!  I am taking part in a campaign with Torani coffee syrups, although, you will have to wait for that review until I receive and try the product.  I was so excited about these syrups, I couldn't wait for my free package of them, so I went and bought my own.  So, here I have my coffee, syrup, ice, and milk, but my blender is super crappy.  I remember a girlfriend of mine loving her Magic Bullet blender.  So a quick call to my hubby on his way home from work, and bingo, I am now the proud owner of a Magic Bullet!  And I love it!  It was the perfect little gadget to blend my ice into frappachino oblivion!  I will let you in on the recipe as soon as I have it perfected!

My husband doesn't love deals as much as I do, so he purchased the Magic Bullet for me full price at Wal-Mart.  However, in my own research, I found Bed Bath & Beyond has the best price if you use the 20% off coupon.  You can sign up for this coupon at their website, shipping will be extra.

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