Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Get Fit and Active with Old Navy

As part of the Old Navy Style Council through crowdtap.com, I am able to join sample and shares.  The latest sample and share was Get Fab & Fit in Active by Old Navy!  I was able to bring one friend and go shopping for a FREE pair of compression pants and an Old Navy active top.

After dissecting a brain class, my friend Becky and I headed to Old Navy.  Nothing puts you in the mood for shopping like dissecting a brain!  We only had about 15 minutes to shop before the store closed, so we literally ran in and got to it. 

          Running in the dressing room! These pants are really comfy, but boy do they compress!

I was pretty impressed by the selection of compression pants that they offer.  There were many different colors and lots of sizes to choose from.  I couldn't believe how tight the compression pants were when I tried them on though, boy do they compress!  My favorite thing about the pants were that they have a tiny little pocket on the waistband in the back.  Don't really know what it is for, maybe a key?  But it shows that Old Navy really put in some attention to detail on these.
                                                       Here I am with the headless man!                             

My favorite pants were actually capris and were not part of the sample.  So I ended up getting just a plain pair of black pants and a plain black active jacket.  The coolest thing about the jacket is that it has thumb holes.

We had a lots of fun in that 15 minutes.  The staff was very helpful and courteous.  They were really impressed by the coupons, they hadn't seen them before.
                                                     Becky with her Fit and Active gear!

When all was said and done, Becky and I each got $79 worth of clothes for FREE!  Thanks Old Navy and Crowdtap!
If you would like to join in the action, here is a link, http://bit.ly/k3SYDj

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