Saturday, December 3, 2011

A Smurftastic Smurf Party

In celebration of The Smurf being released on DVD/BluRay, I had the opportunity to host a Smurftastic party sponsored by Crowdtap.  I was pretty excited knowing that this party would be a hit with the kids and their friends.  When I was first selected as a host, the blue possibilities started swimming in my head.  I received a digital party kit from Crowdtap with coloring pages, digital clips, game downloads, and printable hats and glasses. 
The boys and I wanted the party to be great for their friends so we decorated with blue and white streamers and balloons.  Even the ceiling fan was decorated.

We invited about 20 boys and around 15 of them came along with 3 of my friends boys and my niece.  It was quite the house full!  We started the party with each of the kids coloring the printable glasses and hats.  The kids then watched The Smurfs movie which they really liked.  After the movie they got to enjoy the blue smurfarific treats.  These are the kids that would sit for a picture!  The hats they colored wouldn't fit around their heads, they were pretty disappointed after doing all the work, but they got over it quickly.

When thinking about what food to make for the party, I knew for sure I would have to use my new BabyCakes maker.  I made a vanilla cake pop dipped in white chocolate and sprinkled with blue sprinkles.  I told the kids they were Poppa-Smurf pops and they gobbled them all up!

Here is one of the cups filled with the Poppa-Smurf pops!

Along with the Poppa-Smurf pops, we had blue lofthouse cookies, blue koolaid, and Smurf Punch(cicles)

To make your own Smurfy Punch(cicles):
Blue punch or sports drink
Lemon-lime soda

Blueberries Combine blue punch with lemon lime soda and then float blueberries in the punch bowl. You can use the same punch to create Popsicles by freezing it in popsicle trays overnight!
Jayden with his Smurf glasses after a Smurfy Punch(Cicle)

After watching The Smurfs on DVD and eating the rest of the treats, the kids had a Smurfs scavenger hunt.  We had Smurf action figures hidden throughout the house.  The kids who found them got to re-hide them.  They did this for about 45 minutes until they were bored with it.  I was surprised it lasted that long!  The kids also played pin the glasses on Brainy Smurf.  They really enjoyed this too!

I also had a face painting station set up but we ran out of time after the scavenger hunt.  I was the only parent here after the movie too so I didn't want to work that hard!  By the end of the afternoon, I was exhausted, and the kids were bouncing off the walls from all of the Smurf treats!

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