Monday, November 26, 2012

Cuddleuppets, the blanket that is a puppet

Every child needs a lovey.  This is Ducky-moose. My oldest son, who is now 8, got Ducky when he was 9 months old. Despite the fact that Ducky has missing ears and matted down fur, my son still sleeps with him every night.

My second son uses a blankie that has been passed down through several kids. It is now in shreds. He will not go anywhere without that blankie though. And it is white. Well it's supposed to be white!

My 3rd son, he is 4, also has a favorite blankie. It is brown though, never again will I let my kids get attached to something white!

And finally, my little princess. She is two and never had much interest in sleeping with a blankie or a stuffed animal. Until we received a Cuddleuppet in the mail. I cannot peel the thing out of her grip! She runs around the house "biting" her brothers with the monkey! She sneaks up on me with it too! I think she has found her lovey.
Hopefully, in 8 years, it still has its ears!

A CuddleUppet is a blanket that is also a puppet. And they are cute!

You can find all 8 varieties of CuddleUppets at or at major retailers.

I received a Cuddleuppet from Jay at Play through The Blogger Connection to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own.

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