Friday, July 6, 2012

Here's to a clean house!

I am so sick of tripping over my children's toys! I sound like a broken record saying, "Pick up your toys, put them where they belong.". After many years of nagging, I started putting the things away for them. Picking up my children's toys from around the house has quickly turned into picking up everything for them. From dirty laundry to dishes to crumbs they drop on the floor. Well, not any more! I know that picking up after them will not teach them good life skills, and it is exhausting to pick up after 6 people! When I saw a picture of a moms genius idea on Facebook, I knew I had to make one of my own.

Now, if the kids don't pick up their things, I will place them in my basket and they will have to do a chore to get one item back. My oldest, who is 8, took this the hardest. He claims it is not fair, I think he just likes being lazy.

This was so simple to make. I used the saying from the Facebook picture and typed it up in a PowerPoint document. I made mine with blue though, it matches my playroom better. I "laminated" all the paper with clear contact paper to make it sturdier. I used a template for video spine labels to print out the chores. I hope to stick to my guns with this one and have a cleaner, happier house while teaching my children to pick up their own messes!

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